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  • What Is Causing My Rash?
    Do your rash symptoms warrant a trip to the dermatologist’s office?  Rashes are one of the common skin problems that our Chicago, IL, dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenback treats. Since rashes can Read more
  • Can't Stop Itching? Know the Signs of Poison Ivy, Sumac, and Oak
    Some many conditions and problems could lead to itchy skin; however, if you’ve been exposed to poison ivy, sumac, or oak you must be able to recognize the symptoms. It’s Read more
  • Helping You Deal With Your Rash
    Skin rashes can be alarming, confusing, and extremely annoying. At North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, IL, your skin doctor, Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach, often sees and treats rashes. She will help Read more
  • How We Can Help With Your Rash
    Though a rash is often nothing to worry about and clears up on its own, it can still be cause for concern. Understanding the kinds of rashes you may have Read more

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