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Protect Your Skin Against Frigid Chicago Winters

Don’t let Jack Frost cause problems for your skin this winter.

Anyone who has braved a Chicago winter knows just how rough it can be. Only a couple years ago we were faced with not one, but Chicago winters three polar vortexes! How is skin supposed to stay healthy and vibrant when faced with such nasty weather? Find out how to protect your skin all winter long and how your Chicago dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach can help make this easier.

Nix Those Hot Showers

While nothing may sound more appealing then warming yourself up with a steaming shower, if you want to keep skin healthy then you’ll want to forgo that boiling water and replace it with warm or lukewarm water instead. Also, we recommend limiting your shower to 10 minutes or less. Hot water can strip skin and hair of moisture, which can leave you with chapped, dry skin.

Dress Appropriately

Once the temperature drops it’s important that you have the gear that you need to brave the elements safely. This means layering up with hats, scarves, gloves and a heavy jacket that will keep skin from being exposed to the harsh winter elements and prevent windburn.

Eat for Your Skin

It might seem like an odd recommendation but if you want to keep your skin radiant and healthy this winter season then the answer might lie in your grocery cart. Stock up on foods that contain monosaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids like olive oil, avocadoes and fish. And while you are at it, also add some Vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies to the menu. Vitamin C not only keeps you healthy but can also stimulate the production of collagen.

Whether you are dealing with certain skin problems or you are just looking for advice, North Branch Dermatology LLC is here to make sure that you always feel confident in your skin. Turn to your Chicago skin doctor for all your skin-care needs.

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