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How to deal with warts?

Skin conditions like warts can be annoying, irritating and even embarrassing. Not all warts necessarily need to be treated, as many go away on their own. However, this process can take several months or years. Luckily, you do not have to wait that long. With help fromWarts your Chicago, IL dermatologist at North Branch Dermatology, you can determine which treatment is best for you to become wart-free.

What are warts? 
Warts are small, hard, benign growths which occur on the skin. They are known for having “seeds”, which are actually visible blood vessels supplying the wart with nutrients. When the virus which causes warts has contact with your skin, usually through a break such as a small cut or hangnail, an infection occurs and a wart forms. Some people are more prone to warts than others though doctors are still not sure why. Warts are often more common in children, whose immune systems are not yet fully developed. Most will go away on their own after a length of time, but are able to be removed by your dermatologist.

Are warts contagious? 
Unfortunately, warts are contagious and can be spread from person to person. Warts can also spread from one part of your body to another. To prevent this, be sure to wash your hands after touching a wart. Always use clean towels, especially in public places, such as the gym. Try to keep your skin free of cuts and cracks by ensuring your skin is always properly moisturized.

How are warts treated? 
At-home treatments bought over-the-counter may be effective in removing warts. However, at-home methods do not always work. If your wart does not respond to at-home treatments, it is time to see your doctor. Supervised by professionals, in-office wart removal uses stronger chemicals, providing a more effective treatment. Since no one’s body is the same, your doctor uses different treatments for different situations. The most common way for your dermatologist to remove a wart is to freeze or burn them off. Laser treatment is available for warts that do not respond to freezing or burning treatments. To remove particularly stubborn warts, doctors inject medication into or apply medication onto it. Surgical removal of the wart is generally reserved as a last resort option.

For more information on wart removal in the Chicago, IL area, please contact North Branch Dermatology. Call 773-763-6000 to schedule your appointment today!

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