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Helping You Deal With Your Rash

Skin rashes can be alarming, confusing, and extremely annoying. At North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, IL, your skin doctor, Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach, often sees and treats rashes. She will help you sort through your symptoms and get you much-needed relief.

Rashes and other symptoms

Frequently, skin rashes and other symptoms go hand in hand. You may notice reddened skin bumps, raised hives, scaling, oozing, discoloration, itching, and other problems. Their onset may be gradual or sudden, and they may resolve quickly or recur periodically for weeks.

Rashes and what to do about them

The American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology recommends a dermatological examination for rashes which come on suddenly and/or are accompanied by fever, oozing, bleeding, pus or other signs of infection. In her Chicago office, Dr. Fahrenbach will compose a treatment plan based on your rash and other symptoms, your past medical history and whatever is precipitating your rash.

Some rashes are simple allergic reactions to substances in the environment. For instance, contact dermatitis, with its red, raised bumps, often starts with contact with a new laundry soap, family pet or fabric. Other rashes occur due to food ingestion, insect stings, medications, metal, latex, or plants.

Still more rashes originate in auto-immune issues--that is, the body simply breaks out in scales and flakes or other skin eruptions. Psoriasis is a prime example of a rash which remains chronic in nature--that is, coming and going, escalating and subsiding, and never truly resolving.

Finally, rashes occur with acute infection. Athlete's foot, a fungal-based condition of the skin on the feet, causes redness, blistering, and intense itching. Yeast infections thrive in moist, dark places on the skin, such as under the breasts.

Common rash treatments

Some are topical treatments, and others are systemic. For instance, if your rash arises from an infection such as scarlet fever or shingles, Dr. Fahrenbach likely will choose a systemic medication. Rashes coming from allergies may need antihistamines or topical corticosteroids. Eczema may respond well to ultralight therapy or moisturizing creams. Your dermatologist's expertise will guide you on a path to overall wellness and skin which is rash-free, better looking, and has fewer scarring issues.

Love your skin

At North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach and her team treat a wide variety aesthetic and medical dermatology services. Don't hesitate to call the office for a consultation on your rash. We are open Monday through Friday. Phone (773) 763-6000.

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