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Discover The Benefits of Botox

Are you disappointed with facial lines and wrinkles? Would you like to look younger and feel more like yourself? Here at North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, IL, Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach provides qualified patients BOTOX Cosmetic, an aesthetic wrinkle treatment that provides excellent results. Read on to discover the many benefits of this well-respected medication.

When our faces age...

Lines and wrinkles form in the skin as collagen content decreases. Collagen is a protein that provides youthful elasticity and plumpness. Without collagen, facial muscles crease our faces at strategic points every time we smile, laugh, or frown. Noticeable areas that exhibit these effects include:

  • At the corners of the eyes (crow's feet)
  • Between the nose and mouth
  • Across the chin
  • Between the eyebrows (characteristic double vertical lines)
  • Upper lip lines

Make-up and moisturizers help hide these lines, but they're still mostly noticeable. What else could you do?

Discover the benefits of BOTOX

At North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, your dermatologist offers BOTOX Cosmetic injectables. Placed directly under the skin with a fine needle, BOTOX contains a highly refined botulism protein. It successfully limits the movement of facial muscles so your skin is not constantly creased and relaxed, creased, and relaxed. Lines formed by this repetitive motion are called dynamic wrinkles, but with BOTOX, the motion stops.

Dr. Fahrenbach will tell you if BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are right for you. Best results come to patients under the age of 65; plus your overall health must be good.

If you do begin BOTOX, expect a comfortable treatment (just a little needle prick), no downtime and only some minor redness and tenderness afterwards. You'll see some immediate smoothing of your lines and wrinkles, and results optimize in about a week. In four to six months, you likely will repeat your treatment so your face stays smooth and youthful.

Other uses for BOTOX

BOTOX Injectables have other therapeutic uses. Physicians often recommend it for:

  • Migraine headache pain
  • Strabismus (cross-eyed)
  • Jaw joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Muscle twitching
  • Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Overactive bladder

Find out more

Why not pursue the refreshed facial appearance you desire? Dr. Fahrenbach will tell you all about BOTOX Cosmetic and other available aesthetic treatments. Call the Chicago office of North Branch Dermatology for a consultation: (773) 763-6000.

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