The Importance of Regular Check-ups With a Dermatologist

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Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach and Dr. Joanna Jaros direct the North Branch Dermatology in Niles, IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL. These doctors, leaders in dermatology in the Chicago area, are compassionate about their patients having the healthiest skin possible.

Our skin clinic offers the following services.

  • Skin cancer exams (takes minutes)
  • Botox injections
  • Dermal fillers
  • Chemical peels
  • Microneedling
  • Xtract laser treatment
  • Diagnosing/treatment of all skin/hair/nail disorders
  • Smoothing away scars
  • Tips/tricks to manage skin issues

Our experienced doctors want to tell you how important it is to visit us for a regular skin checkup.

The Important Factors for a Regular Skin Checkup with a Dermatologist

Have you only considered visiting a dermatologist if you notice a skin issue? Perhaps you have never seen a dermatologist; this is your first time. North Branch Dermatology in Niles, IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL, can put your mind at ease and tell you that a skin check at least every year is as vital as your annual physical, and we are an essential part of your healthcare team. 

Making a skin appointment for a consultation at the first sign of skin problems is essential. Coming to see us early makes it easier to treat and takes less time to see results. Visiting us as soon as possible is vital for maintaining healthy skin. See us for any of the following issues, 

  • Severe acne 
  • A suspicious-looking skin mole
  • Telltale signs of aging with increasing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Thinning hair
  • A skin infection
  • Nail problems

We recommend seeing a dermatologist at least annually for a comprehensive skin exam. People who are in the sun much of the time, are over 40 years old or have a family history of skin cancer should take the time to have a skin cancer exam.

Don't forget that skin cancer is one of the easiest cancers to cure when discovered early. Set your mind at ease that your skin is cancer-free, and make your appointment for a skin checkup. The few minutes that this exam takes are all benefits in your favor. There is nothing negative about getting a skin cancer exam annually.

Visit Us at Least Yearly

Please give Dr. Fahrenbach and Dr. Jaros at the North Branch Dermatology in Niles, IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL, a call today at (773) 763-6000 to set up your skin consultation. We are here for you whether you have problematic skin or are worried about possible skin cancer.

Our esteemed doctors and experienced, professional staff are compassionate and devoted to helping everyone have healthier-looking skin through the many treatment options unique to your skin. 

Call us for your appointment today.

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