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  • Is My Rash Ringworm or Something Else?
    There are many reasons that you might be dealing with a skin rash; however, if you suspect that it might be ringworm you may be surprised to discover that there Read more
  • Preventing Hair Dandruff
    Dandruff is a common problem and one that you may not worry too much about if you deal with minor flaking every once in a while; however, severe dandruff can Read more
  • How You Can Benefit from Consulting a Dermatologist
    There are several adult skin conditions that can be persistent and difficult to get rid of. In these cases, you can benefit from consulting a dermatologist. This type of medical Read more
  • Why Is My Skin So Dry?
    Dry skin is a pesky problem, but the good news is that it’s typically not something to worry about. There are many reasons why you may be dealing with a Read more
  • Healing Your Acne Scars
    If your teen years brought about painful, cystic acne then you may have the scarring to prove it. These scars, particularly on the face, can not only affect a person’s Read more
  • What You Need To Know To Prevent Acne
    Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that dermatologists treat. Recommended treatments range from over-the-counter skin products, spot treatment, and light treatment. In reality, the best remedy is Read more
  • Why Tanning Is Bad For You
    During the much longed-for summer months, people work on their tans. While enjoying a richer skin tone now, tanners take huge risks for premature aging and skin cancer. Sun and artificial Read more
  • Tips To Prevent Skin Cancer And What To Look For
    If you could take steps to prevent cancer, would you try them? At North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, IL, your dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach, alerts patients to signs of skin Read more
  • What To Look For When Buying Skin Care Products
    In a world where appearance is important, everyone wants flawless skin. This is much easier said than done. For people who struggle with dry skin or acne, talking to a Read more
  • Treating Different Types of Rashes
    Wondering what’s causing those itchy red spots and whether you should see a dermatologist about your rash? Most rashes are harmless and usually go away on their own; however, some Read more
  • Tired of Wrinkles? We Can Help
    Here’s what you need to know about getting Botox.  You’re putting on makeup when suddenly you notice it: those lines around your eyes creeping up. Now you notice those furrow lines Read more
  • Discover The Benefits Of Facials
    Getting a facial can certainly feel like a luxurious, relaxing, and pampering experience but did you know that a facial could also provide your skin with some amazing health benefits? Read more
  • Skin Cancer Prevention
    With the warmer months just around the corner you may be getting ready to plan some fun in the sun. The summertime always finds children spending hours outside playing, as Read more
  • COVID-19 Response
    Coming soon. Read more
  • Discover The Benefits of Botox
    Are you disappointed with facial lines and wrinkles? Would you like to look younger and feel more like yourself? Here at North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, IL, Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach Read more
  • Should I Get My Mole Checked Out?
    Do you have a new mole or a long-standing one that suddenly looks different or acts oddly? If so, contact Dr. Elizabeth Fahrenbach of North Branch Dermatology in Chicago, IL, Read more

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